Brandon Moore, MPH

Brandon Moore
Curriculum Vitae

Acting almost like a set of cameras, our eyes provide the brain with detailed images of the world around us. Although the neural basis of vision has now been studied for several decades, much of how cortex gives rise to visual perception is still unknown. Every day, our brains are tasked with the processing of visual scenes in order to guide behavior. My goal is to better understand this neural task using fMRI, electrophysiology, and computational modeling techniques.

I'm currently a neuroscience Ph.D. student in the Casagrande Lab studying at Vanderbilt University. When I'm not researching brains I like to spend my time reading, exploring recreational mathematics, making educational video lectures, and working on various side projects.
Brandon Moore
Vanderbilt Brain Institute
111 21st Avenue South
515 Wilson Hall
Nashville, TN 37240